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Hopper, Saltsman, Smith named new HUNT Associates

Corey Hopper, (RCDD), Jason Saltsman (RCDD) and Ethan Smith ( RA)

Congratulations to Corey Hopper, (RCDD), Jason Saltsman, (RCDD), and Ethan Smith, RA who were recently approved as Associates to the firm by shareholders, at the last HUNT shareholders meeting.

Corey Hopper, (RCDD

Corey Hopper, (RCDD) joined HUNT in 2016 as a Technology Consultant, after working locally as a data center technician. After Graduating from City College of New York, Corey gained valuable experience in the US Navy working with complex networking and security systems. After his Naval service Corey received an Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Technology from Excelsior College.

Corey has supported IT networks, communication systems, and security design for many of our K-12 School projects over the years including Elmira School District and Northern Tioga School District. While that remains a key part of his current role, Corey has also taken a key role in some of our broadband projects, adding his client management skills to create needed depth in that market. As a professional accomplishment in 2021, Corey earned his RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) Certification from BICSI, demonstrating his expertise in communications systems design.

Corey is known for his personal nature and willingness to connect. He excels at managing challenging clients with his organized and documented approach.

Corey and his wife Kayla live in Tioga, PA and are enjoying the busy life of raising 3 children.


Jason Saltsman, (RCDD)

Jason Saltsman, (RCDD) joined HUNT in 2014 as a Technology Design Consultant working on large Districtwide technology projects in Horseheads CSD and Corning ASD. Jason has an extensive background in technology dating back to training at GST BOCES Education center early in his education which grew as a communications contractor and construction manager. Since joining Hunt, Jason has gained experience in designing communications systems, providing a strong technical understanding of all types of networks. Among his areas of experience and expertise are high density networks, enterprise wireless networks, VoIP phone systems, Fiber Optic and Copper cable network technology, video surveillance, network paging, and physical building security systems.

Jason became a licensed FAA Drone Pilot is 2016 and earned his RCDD Certification from BICSI in 2023.

Jason has stepped up to lead coordination of the building technology design workload for the Group and is an active participant in the A/E coordination meeting. This provides the project teams interface with the Technology Design group.

Jason, his wife Amber, and son Alexander reside in Corning.


Ethan Smith, RA joined HUNT as an Architectural Designer in 2015 after graduating from Alfred State College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architectural Technology. Ethan has had a variety of responsibilities in his growth at HUNT including work on K-12 projects, Libraries, Fire Departments and Private work. Ethan has been a big part of our BIM advancement, serving as the BIM manager for a period. Ethan has had roles in projects for some of our biggest clients like Corning Painted Post and Horseheads schools as well and leading some of our smaller district Capital Improvement Projects. Ethan earned his Architectural License in 2022.

Ethan’s eye on design has helped promote better and collaborative design at HUNT. He has organized “HUNT Design Pin Ups” and coordinates volunteers to present, to promote collaboration amongst everyone in the office and achieve better design by gathering varying opinions/experiences.

As our Associate group transitions, I am excited to see what Ethan helps them achieve as much as I look forward to his impact on the advancement of our projects, the firm and our strategic plan.

Things are also progressing for Ethan in his personal life, he and his wife Mabra just welcomed their first child, Tallulah Bryant Smith.


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