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HUNT’s physical environment and layout of our office promotes a collaborative work atmosphere. With open work spaces and our engineers, architects, & surveyors all housed under one roof it becomes effortless to seek input, complete tasks, and collectively work on projects. Additionally, the conference rooms sit at the center of our buildings and act as communication hubs where we greet clients and interact across disciplines. 

Fostering a culture of tolerance and understanding allows our team to learn from each other and utilize each members' strengths. HUNT prides our employees with having the ability to keep an open mind, try to learn daily and always strive to be better.




The work/life balance HUNT instills in our staff directly relates to thoughtful decisions made by HUNT’s Professional Council and examples set by the CEO and department directors.

The fact that the company’s team is hardworking and loyal reflects both the history of HUNT and the collaborative efforts of the Council. It is not by accident.

HUNT accommodates flexibility in order to protect our employees' work/life balance. We offer tools tailored to each member of our team to ensure that they can be successful in their career, while maintaining their priorities at home. By helping our staff meet all their goals, at work and at home, we uphold our strong commitment to our employee's well-being.


Strong project management and coordination are essential to create a successful, quality project.  We're able to achieve this quality by being attentive in our work, collaborative within our teams and thorough in every aspect of a design.

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One of the most important pieces that shape our company culture is our core business values. We encourage our employees to work towards their full potential by giving them the tools and resources needed to reach both personal and professional goals. This ultimately helps HUNT to stand by our mission statement of “advancing and protecting the interests of our clients."

An important focus for our firm is the learning movement that has now become part of our culture. Internal training, seminars, classes and webinars ensure that we are constantly growing to stay ahead in our fast-paced business environment.

Our firm is a growing and dynamic organization, and we are proud of the reputation we have earned for our professional performance and for the caliber of our employees. Over the years, HUNT has come to cherish certain values such as professionalism, integrity, open communications, quality and leadership.
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