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High Falls Office uses 2023 50th Anniversary excitement as a springboard into 2024!

HUNT's Rochester/High Falls Office is springing into 2024, propelled by the excitement of our 2023 50th Anniversary!

Bolstered by experienced leaders and a new staff of A&E professionals, our Office Director enters his second year at the helm, "optimistic" that the High Falls office is primed for further growth.

The infusion of several talented new team members over the last two years further bolsters our ability to offer HUNT clients an even wider array of services. Highlights include water, solar, and broadband engineering, as well as a particularly unique academic and retail lighting perspective that is unlikely to be found elsewhere.

New leadership in the High Falls-based Interior Design Department has already hit the ground running, applying an equally broad skillset to HUNT’s K-12, residential, and commercial clients.

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