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For over 45 years, HUNT has helped municipal, academic, and private clients with funding mechanisms and supporting projects via grants. From 2018-2021 alone, HUNT has assisted 32 communities secure approximately $85 million in funding through 21 grant programs. These grants leveraged $178 million in community infrastructure improvements in the region. There are many communities in the area that have projects that are eligible for state and federal funding, but often these projects lack the technical expertise and resources to identify potential funding sources, develop comprehensive grant proposals, and manage project administration. Because of this, many of these projects do not end up getting adequate funding and cannot be completed. At HUNT, there are grant consulting services that allow for these essential community projects to be realized, improving vital community infrastructure and amenities, and raising quality of life for all residents.

HUNT’s grant consulting is a thorough, encompassing process that includes communication planning, research, application development, grant administration, and project completion. For grant consults, it is vital that communication is always open. HUNT’s team is committed to our clients, and invests full time into creating a communication plan to keep correspondence clear and keep all involved in the project up to date. Our team will also work hard to understand local budgets, five-year plans, wish lists, and priority projects. Research is also a vital part of beginning large projects, and HUNT is well-versed in investigating the necessary information to fully ensure the project is looked at from every angle. Our team will investigate the availability of grant funds to offset the costs incurred by developing and upgrading facilities. We will ensure that projects are matched with the best funding opportunities.

As for application development, HUNT works closely with clients to develop competitive funding applications, including coordination with regulatory and funding agencies, development of multi-year plans and preliminary engineering reports, cost-effective budgets, determination of need and support, and clear articulation of objectives. Once the preliminary talks are settled, our team will help to execute the contract, aid in environmental reviews, administer grant funds, develop project reporting, and support the awardee with community meetings. Finally, HUNT will provide project oversight, certification of project completion, and grant contract closeout support.

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