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Congratulations Bradley Sherman and May Sharif for Earning Their Professional Engineering Licenses!

Join us in congratulating Structural Engineer Bradley Sherman and Civil Engineer May Sharif for passing the exam to become Licensed Professional Engineers!

Bradley started working in HUNT's structural engineering department in 2015. He graduated from Clarkson University with his bachelors degree and went on to get his PhD from Northwestern University. Bradley works on a variety of projects from K-12 to municipal to private work. Notably, he has worked on the new athletic stadium at Elmira City Central School and designed a full-sized refrigerated building for Southern Tier Provisions.

With it being a natural progression to earn your licensure, Bradley was also motivated by his ambition. "It felt like my business card was incomplete with it saying EIT on it and I wanted to rectify that," he said.

May Sharif began her career at HUNT this year and was welcomed into the water/wastewater department. She gained her bachelors and masters degrees from Cornell University. A water/wastewater engineering specialist, May's favorite project has been designing the water treatment system in the Village of Interlaken. The Village needs a new water source as groundwater increasingly becomes unreliable due to drought conditions.

"Water in general is an ever-fascinating topic since we will always be dealing with 'emerging contaminants,'" May said, "In the future, we might expect to see broader action on pharmaceutical waste and microplastics as well."

May and Bradley both offered their advice for those seeking their professional engineering licensure.

May's advice is "to make a manageable study schedule that fits with your lifestyle, and consistently stick to it. Studying a few hours a day over a number of months requires fewer sacrifices and is better than cramming in the weeks before the exam."

Bradley's advice is "The application is almost just as hard as the test. The pain of the application can be greatly reduced if you write a three sentence summary of your responsibilities when you close out a project."

Congratulations to both!

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