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Building Connectivity through Broadband Advances

During this pandemic nearly every community in New York State and Pennsylvania has experienced a lack of high-speed broadband. To help rectify these shortfalls, HUNT's Ryan Garrison and Jennifer Vaughn are working with client communities to bring optical fiber to the home, and they recently submitted four USDA ReConnect grant applications totaling $80 million for projects in NYS and PA. These submissions follow on their successful 2019, $10.3 million ReConnect application on behalf of Yates County.

The 2020 grant applications include RuralNet - Susquehanna County, PA ($33M), Livingston County ($19M), Southern Tier Network ($25M), and the Town of Dryden ($3M).

HUNT’s earliest solution to broadband deficiencies started in 2017 when the Commissioners of Bradford County, PA asked HUNT to develop methods to increase broadband access for their communities. As a result of HUNT’s work, the Commissioner dedicated $5.2 million to the development of a dark fiber network. This created the necessary infrastructure to encourage broadband internet service providers to expand services in the rural areas of Bradford County, as well as encourage economic development in the region. The Commissioners are working directly with the private sector to lease space along the lines. By installing towers in remote locations in the county and expanding the reach of dark fiber, the County has strengthened their existing emergency services communication and widened cellular coverage.

More recently, the Commissioners allocated money to match a current grant to develop three additional dark-fiber loops.

HUNT’s clients have applauded our Information Technology and Grant Writing teams, noting the breadth of the efforts, which range from program planning, business plan development, design, and grant administration. To learn more contact Marty Muggleton at 585.208.4885 or .

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