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North American Copper in Architecture Award Win For Bradford County Courthouse in Towanda, PA

HUNT was honored to receive the 2018 North American Copper in Architecture (NACIA) Award in Restoration for the Bradford County Courthouse in Towanda, PA. HUNT worked as the Architect and teamed with Roof Consultant, Levine & Co. Inc. and Sheet Metal Contractor, Charles F. Evans Co. Inc. to replace the existing 100-year-old copper tile roof.

“The relatively low slope of the Bradford County Courthouse's main roof, along with its history, made the development of roof replacement options anything but straightforward. Slate, terra cotta tile, and Spanish-style copper shingles were all considered as roof replacement options. While historically appropriate, they were found not to be viable due to the marginal slope of the main roof and the high cost of custom-made Spanish-style copper shingles,” says the NACIA website in regards to the project. “Ultimately, with the approval of the State Historic Preservation Office, batten seam copper roofing was selected as the replacement material due to its long service life, suitability for the relatively-low slope of the roof, appropriateness for buildings of the courthouse's era and ability to accept a robust snow retention system. Over 19 tons of copper were installed during the renovation, which also included ornamental applications.”

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