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New Turf Fields in Elmira, NY Region

Two of Elmira’s most prominent high schools now boast turf fields as Elmira Heights recently joined Notre Dame High School in renovating or adding a new athletic surface. With alumni from both schools among its ranks, HUNT proudly played a role in both upgrades. Tim Steed, PE, Dean Hackett, RLA, and their site/civil/landscape teams reported that unlike years ago when early adopters of astro-turf surfaces often faced sharp opposition from grass-field “traditionalists”, those concerns have been largely sidelined by increased player safety, enhanced game speed, and the ability to schedule practices and games with far less concern about weather conditions.

For her part, Elmira Heights Superintendent Mary Beth Fiore extolled the virtues of the “safe surface” that replaced the District’s 15-year-old field. By utilizing Smart Schools Bond Act funding and State aid, EHCSD was also able to move forward with district-wide improvements without additional taxes, including: a pre-K addition at the Dr. Cohen School; technology upgrades; renovations at the high school, elementary and middle school(s); resurfacing the track; parking and service area renovations; tennis court design; and, bus loop and pedestrian circulation improvements.

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