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The Village of Watkins Glen received a grant to construct a Kayak Launch Facility at the southern end of the Seneca Lake near the eastern limit of the Village along NYS Route 414. HUNT coordinated with the Schuyler County Planning office to take their concepts and develop a design for the project.

The project included constructing a trail to connect Clute Park to the kayak launch area, a boardwalk to carry the trail over an inlet from the swamp to Seneca Lake, and a dock with an access gangway. Also, the project included a floating launch and shoreline launch access, and a parking area with controlled access to the highway.  

HUNT coordinated with the Village to acquire the necessary permitting including a USACE Permit, a Northern Long-Eared Bat survey, and an Use and Occupancy Permit. Construction inspection was provided throughout the project including the pile driving and kayak launch installation.

The project included: clearing and grubbing; excavation and fill; gravel; stone dust surface material; geotextile/grid; asphalt; timber piles; timber framing; prefabricated floating dock system; drainage pipe; end section and inlet structure; quantity of topsoil and turf establishment; signs and pavement markings; and appurtenant work as needed and indicated in the project plans.


Village of Watkins Glen


Watkins Glen, New York


Structural Engineering

Site/Civil Engineering

Landscape Architecture

Grant Assistance

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