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The project was the adaptive reuse of 64,000 SF former “big box” store into an owner–occupied office building. The program included an office landscape for several retail and consumer service departments, as well as: food test kitchens; a 24/7 pharmacy call center; food safety lab; and a training facility. The workstations are arranged in a compact plan supported by space for informal collaboration, future flexibility, and growth. 

A skylight, measuring a full 25’ by 240’, placed diagonally in the plan serves as the dominant organizing feature and connects the entrance with the cafeteria. Abundant natural light washes the interior, creates a sense of openness, and effectively offsets the compact workstation layout. Floating ceiling panels add to the sense of dynamic space, and a muted, warm color scheme creates a welcoming experience. 

A sophisticated, computer-controlled, mechanical system maintains a high-quality, interior environment. Efficient lighting is controlled to allow harvesting of the abundant natural sunlight. The new boiler room consisted of the following: 1,500 MBH, high-efficiency fire-tube boilers; new expansion tanks; pumps; accessories; and, controls.

The building is LEED certified featuring the reuse of 80% of the original structural materials. New materials average 40% recycled content and are selected for zero or low VOC content and 50% are sourced regionally. Water fixtures reduce usage, and the landscape design is water efficient. Initial modeling predicts overall energy use to be 30% less than current code requirements.




Rochester, New York



Interior Design


LEED Certified

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