Yates County’s interest in developing an all-encompassing Internet service system included a number of goals. They wanted a robust broadband available to all county residents and emergency communications that meet modern standards and needs. The educational facilities in the County required state-of-the-art capacity and ability to communicate with students and parents. The County also wanted to use this network to support an economic development platform on which to grow incumbent and potential businesses.

Consequently, initial investigations between the County and HUNT centered on what assets Yates currently controlled and which delivery model would be most appropriate - be it subsidizing existing private ISPs, expanding the County’s existing dark fiber system, outsourcing the system, or developing a County-owned and operated model. 

In addition to the traditional engineering listed below, HUNT offered the County the following broadband business and operational services: applications, contract documentation, bidding, and documentation. We also submitted a $10.3 million USDA ReConnect Grant Application on behalf of the County.


Yates County


Yates County, New York


Information Technology


Site/Civil Engineering

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