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Working with two solar project developers, New Energy Equity and RER Energy Group, HUNT helped its colleagues at the Town of Walworth implement a Community Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that allowed the Town to “capture the free fuel source provided by the sun”, and concurrently establish consistent energy pricing for the next 25 years with no up-front costs. At the urging of New York State, Walworth aggressively sought to reduce its carbon footprint. Their effort aided in this case by utilizing federal tax credit incentives and NYSERDA cash grants.


Among the engineering tasks performed by HUNT included the following: Site Feasibility Review and SEQR; Survey; Phase 1 EAS; SPDES and SWPPP permitting (investigated but not utilized); Concrete Equipment Structural Design, Environmental Permitting; Construction Plans and Specifications; and, Site Plan & Approval Processes.


Town of Walworth


Walworth, New York


Civil Engineering


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