HUNT worked with the Town of Dryden to provide an engineering study on the financial feasibility of a municipally owned and operated fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network.  The study identified areas lacking sufficient broadband services and examined the existing available services, as well as the accuracy of the utility’s data and associated costs. A financial model detailing the viability of constructing and operating a municipal broadband system was developed based on the technical information discovered and survey data collected from residents. 

HUNT’s financial feasibility study of FTTH networks is in alignment with federal and state funding requirements.

Pressing the need for the comprehensive deployment of broadband are the expectations of education, municipal, and private business leaders that their clients (students, local residents, and business owners, respectively) have access to robust Internet service. New York States’ pledge to have 100% coverage by 2019-2020 has created greater transparency in exchanges between local commercial ISPs and municipalities investigating operating their own networks.


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Dryden, New York


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