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HUNT was retained by the City of Rochester to complete the preliminary/final design and construction phase services for the federally funded roadway rehabilitation project that included segments of four different roads. During the preliminary design phase, a Pavement Evaluation and Treatment Selection Report (PETSR) was completed for the project corridors. An evaluation of the existing drainage structures and ADA Compliance of the sidewalks was completed. Traffic studies were done to determine lane assignments at some locations. Bike lanes were added where appropriate. This project also included the installation of Rochester’s third bike box, a safe haven for bikers in front of vehicles. 


When the project was originally scoped as a 3R project it was surveyed between the curbs leaving areas outside the curbline without survey and mapping. During construction it was made clear that pedestrian ramps either had to comply with ADA requirements or be justified. The design team quickly completed the investigations necessary to either justify the existing conditions or design unique solutions to ADA compliance at some locations. There was also some minor realignment of one intersection within the project limits. The construction of the project was completed in spring of 2017.


City of Rochester


Rochester, New York


Transportation Engineering

Site/Civil Engineering

Construction Administration

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