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Facilities Conditions Assessments


In order to know what you need; you need to know what you have


HUNT has been performing Facilities Conditions Assessments (FCA) for decades. This work requires good judgement and years of experience. The process begins with a review of documents provided by our client, field investigations and observation, and discussion with officials and operations staff. We conduct a walk-through, visual inspection of all the building spaces, systems, exterior, and site features. This information forms the basis for our analysis and recommendations.

The FCA identifies health, safety, ADA and code deficiencies, as well as opportunities for improved energy efficiency.

Standard elements of HUNT’s FCA process include:

  • Site Evaluation

  • Architectural Evaluation

  • Mechanical/Plumbing Evaluation

  • Electrical Evaluation

  • Telecomm/Data/Security Networks

  • Space Utilization

  • Equipment Inventory & Useful Life

  • Wireless Coverage Heat Map

  • Interactive Floor Plans w/ 360° Photos

  • Thermal Building Envelope Imaging

  • Arc Flash Study

  • CO2 Evaluation

  • Generator & Standby Power Evaluation

  • Roof Warranty Drawings

Budget estimates are created and matched with funding sources. Renovation and new construction could be eligible for grant funding through various programs that include State and Municipal Facilities, USDA Community Facilities, NYSDEC Water Quality Improvement (salt storage), and others. HUNT guides its clients through the grant application and administration process.


Facilities Conditions Assessments Process


Ready to plan a project with us or just want to know more about Facilities Conditions Assessments?

Contact either Marty out of our Rochester, NY office or Sean out of our Horseheads office today!

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