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HUNT Welcomes New Hires!

We would like to welcome Paige Pensgen to our back to our Rochester Architecture Department HUNT! She started in our Rochester Office in the spring of 2018 as an intern, transitioning to full time this June. Paige resides in Rochester with her cat Luna. She is a graduate of Alfred State with multiple degrees in Architecture Technology, Interior Design, Construction Management, and a bachelor’s in architecture. In her spare time, she is a yoga instructor, enjoys dance, painting, and drawing.

Another former intern turned full time is Tyler Manning. Tyler is welcomed as the GIS Specialist in the Horseheads office. With his parent, he lives in Pine City, NY. He is a graduate of Suny ESF in Natural Resource Management. Tyler can play the drums and enjoys hiking, playing music, and going to the lake.

The Rochester Architecture Department welcomes two additional employees: Tom Bailey and Adam Caulfeild.

Tom resides with his wife in Kissimmee, FL and Briton, NY. Tom and Julie are passionate about animal rescue and have 9 cats and 1 a miniature poodle. They enjoy kayaking, noting the Cohocton River. In addition, Tom is the president of a Fiddle Bluegrass organization in Rochester, NY. Tom has worked on many projects ranging from NASCAR facilities to Universities.

Adam grew up in Albany and now lives in Rochester with his 2 cats, Cash and Nugget. Adam is a graduate of Alfred State with a degree in Architectural Technology. He is most proud of working on his house, last summer he built a pergola in his back yard. He enjoys gardening, bicycling, camping, hiking, the drums, and has a woodshop in his basement where he revitalizes old furniture.

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