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Four Tips for a Successful Grant Program

1. Be detailed in your Project Planning.

Detailed Project Planning is essential when applying for a grant. Grant committees need at minimum the information that they ask for to make their decision about where to distribute funds. The more details you can provide about your project and your budget, the more comfortable they will feel with your project, your organization and the likelihood that your goals will be accomplished as predicted in your application.

2. Match your project to the right funding opportunities.

Don’t forget to read over all NYS funding opportunities over carefully. Make sure that your organization qualifies for the grant you are applying for, or that you are partnered with an organization that is. Confirm that you have a plan for any matching requirements. And lastly, be sure that there isn’t a better fit for your project available. There are a number of workshops, guides, and resources available on the New York State CFA website. Take advantage of these to make the most out of your application

Link to NYS CFA Website:

3. Develop a coordinated and complete grant applications process.

Create a grant application process that involves checks and oversight with the right technical staff and knowledge base for your project. The more organized you are, the smoother the process will go, and the less likely you will be to miss any details while applying for a grant. Showing off your knowledge here and minimizing obvious mistakes or inconsistencies in your grant application will go a long way to showing that you will be a responsible administrator of the granting organization’s funds. Make sure to address all questions, sections, and requests made in the grant. Don’t let the committee think you just forgot to answer one of the questions on the form. Also, this part wouldn’t be complete without the reminder to spell check!

4. Maintain regulation compliant Grant Administration and reporting.

Congratulations, your grant application was approved! To maintain a good record and increase your chances of receiving grants in the future, developing an organized reporting and administration system for the grant you received is essential. Having a reputation for transparent reporting on how State grant funds are used and the successes (and even the problems you encountered) will put you in good stead for the next time you apply for a grant.

Good luck with your grant application! If you find you need more than just tips to submit your grant application, consider contacting HUNT about our Grant Writing Services.

You can read more about what our Grant Writing Team has accomplished for our communities here: Helping Communities Succeed With Grant-Writing

Interested in having HUNT help you with your next funding application? Take our survey, let us know what you're looking for and we'll tell you what we can do for you! Tell us about your needs here.

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