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Project Planning With Virtual Reality

HUNT has always utilized the latest technologies to better communicate our design intent to our clients. Early in the design process we utilize 3D modeling programs such as Revit and 3DS Max. This allows us to create everything from simple massing studies to photo realism 2D renderings and animations. The images created help HUNT and our clients communicate the design intent to the community and staff. Although 2D renderings are helpful to our clients HUNT was impressed with the potential Virtual Reality (VR) has to offer within our industry. We have created the ability for our clients to experience their projects in a fully immersible environment.

We tested a few different programs but ultimately decided that Utilizing Revit and FUZOR allows the best experience for our staff and clients. Revit is the program we employ for construction documentation and 3D modeling. FUZOR is a VR program that generates a 3D environment with an ability for the user to walk thru a design when wearing a VR Headset (Oculus Rift).

HUNT utilizes FUZOR throughout the design process. During the early phases we can now link multiple designers in different offices virtually. Early on we focus on volume and how a space makes you feel and less concerned on colors and materials. As we work towards the completion of the construction documents, we conduct similar virtual meetings along with incorporating our clients. At this phase we now can focus on materials and colors to provide an experience of realism.

Our greatest accomplishment by incorporating VR into our design process is not only providing our clients with the ability to make design decisions but also the feeling our clients get of Déjà vu after a space has been constructed.

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