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Caledonia-Mumford CSD - 2017 Capital Project

Infused by Superintendent Bob Molisani’s desire to modernize and expand Caledonia-Mumford’s offerings to both his student population and community members, HUNT’s nearly 20-year-old history at the district stepped up another notch recently. Building on a 2010 Building Condition Survey (BCS), pre-referendum information gathering, and Superintendent Molisani and the Cal-Mum Board’s measured budgetary approach, the district and our HUNT team modernized the cafeteria, added ADA capacity to their interior facilities (entire toilet rooms redo), oversaw the replacement of 30 unit ventilators, and created a tennis center that built on a preexisting cooperative arrangement with the village and landed the new courts on the Cal-Mum campus.

As noted, these tightly run and on-budget efforts highlighted both HUNT’s tenure at the district, as well as close and fruitful coordination of HUNT’s Shannon Davis with Campus Construction (Kevin Donahue, PM), a wide variety of sub-contractors, and the generous investment in grading and excavating by the Village and Town of Caledonia.

"The Caledonia-Mumford Central School District has a proud history of providing high quality programs and facilities for children. I was extremely impressed with how HUNT designers and Campus Construction fulfilled the District’s goals in the recent project." - Bob Molisani, Caledonia-Mumford Superintendent

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