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Utility Pole Surveying for Records & Applications

HUNT’s suite of digital, field data collection, and design tools has been enhanced by the addition of Utility Pole Surveying (UPS). UPS joins SITEOPs, drone aerial photography, and 360° camera perspectives as an example of where our clients and partners benefit from exhaustive, real-time, data-gathering capacities that adhere to governmental regulatory demands and provide designers the basis for precise project underpinnings. In addition to bolstering working documents, UPS-style information also allows our engineers to work more efficiently and, consequently, cost-effectively. Utilizing a LiDAR and GPS platform, the Pole Surveying camera yields the following: design and new attachment permitting data; pole assets inventory for utility pole owners both in the form of GIS data that can be used as a working document and steer pole replacements; post-construction as-built audits; joint-use audits and applications; regulatory compliance; measuring and locating utility poles for aerial fiber deployments; and, construction of aerial outside plant.

Bradford County PA partners have been amongst the first to call on our team to utilize these tools, as Ed Bustin and the Commissioners there seek to both extend broadband capacity and respond to recent storm damage.

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