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HUNT is enjoying one of its strongest bridge workloads in recent years as a result of an increase in locally funded projects as well as the NYS “BRIDGENY” program. According to HUNT’s Chris Bond, PE, the Local Bridges initiative allows municipalities to address projects that don’t necessarily fit well in the federal funding programs and are in, or approaching, crisis mode. The latter supplements the traditional Federally Funded Locally Administered Bridge programs, and the emergence of both allows municipalities to begin plans independently.

The $200 Million BRIDGENY program -- part of a NYSDOT, five-year $21.1 Billion Capital Plan -- was a much-needed response by the state legislators to local requests to have a program geared toward addressing their growing bridge needs. The program is off to a great start with year-two planning in the works.

"By helping local governments make investments to ensure the safety and reliability of their bridges, the BRIDGENY program will literally strengthen our communities and bolster their viability." - Andrew Cuomo, New York State Governor

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