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Principal's Message - Benjamin Gustafson, PE

“…Our people are our greatest asset…” – excerpt from HUNT’s Vision Statement

Our people define the quality and character of HUNT. While systems and operating procedures create a framework for successful execution, the bedrock of our long term success hinges on the relationships of trust, accountability, and respect that exist between our clients and our staff. To this end, since our founding in 1974 HUNT has been committed to hiring, retaining, and growing the highest caliber of designers, project managers, and engineers. With effort and focus, we created a culture of engagement and an environment of opportunity for our employees that parallel’s our commitment to advancing the interests of our clients.

Several aspects of this come to mind and are evidenced in this newsletter: individualized growth opportunities; support of education & pursuit of technical expertise; social & community engagement, and recognition of contributions and achievements.

In this vein, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Mike Jones on his recent completion of his licensure exams to become a Registered Architect - a momentous challenge and a career milestone. Bolstered by staff like Mike, we confidently make commitments to our clients and positively impact their communities through the built environment.

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