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Homer CSD Ribbon Cutting

A March 2017 ribbon-cutting at Homer CSD underlined HUNT’s long history and recent comprehensive efforts on behalf of the District and Superintendent Nancy S. Ruscio. The opening of the auditorium, art rooms, music rooms, and new gymnasium facilities rounded out capital projects beginning there in 2011. Prior projects the District has also completed include the following: enacted a series of health and safety upgrades; improved safety and security systems; created and renovated classrooms and restrooms; enlarged the cafeteria; and reduced energy costs via new high-efficiency windows and heating systems. Pressed by Superintendent Ruscio to modernize while respecting the historic character and location of Homer’s buildings along the Rt. 81 valley corridor, the high school and elementary cafeteria additions were designed and oriented to provide vistas of surrounding fields and hills. HUNT’s Architectural Director Jeff Robbins credited Reuben Kabithe amongst a team of others.

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