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Principals Message - Darin Rathbun, PE

When the term “connectivity” is used today I believe people think of the ability to link and communicate with other computers, phones, electronic devices, software, and the internet. The term is believed to have originated in the later 1800’s, and I imagine at that point in time people were linking to other people over the new telephone lines.

When I think of connectivity in 2017, I think of our community interactions and the personal communication and networking of individuals and businesses. At its core – this is what HUNT does best. We are continually engaged in the act of connecting school districts with their communities, linking municipalities to funding streams, and, in turn, connecting our cities, towns, and villages to municipal water and sewer systems.

Connectivity is internally vital to HUNT. We rely on the daily connection of all our offices for data transfers, personal communication to each other, and to our clients. When it is working properly, it is invisible and seamless. Our dependence or reliance on these links is most evident when they are broken or weakened. At HUNT we are continually working to enhance connectivity and trying to create redundancies in an effort to eliminate the potential for severed connections.

In this newsletter, you will find several articles on the topic, including: tying rural residents and businesses to reliable high speed internet; connecting our clients to available funding sources; and, finally, creating bridges between leaders and, consequently, their water systems. This newsletter is one of our key mediums for staying in touch with you, and we look forward to cultivating and growing these relationships in 2017.

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