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HUNT completed a comprehensive evaluation/study of the Village of Newark Valley public water supply system consisting of two groundwater supply wells, 20+ miles of water distribution piping and 400,000 gallon in-ground water reservoir.  
HUNT identified several shortcomings in the Village’s public water system including high amount of unaccounted for water, insufficient groundwater well pump controls, inadequate fire flows throughout the Village, illegal out of Village water users, exposed stream crossing piping, inadequate water storage volumes for fire protection, and unsound water storage facility.

HUNT prepared a Preliminary Engineering Report which was used to secure USDA Rural Development grant and 0% loan funding to construct a new 500,000-gallon wire wound concrete tank, replace or eliminate 18,000 LF of undersized or leaking water main, established SCADA Controls of the well pumps and storage levels, provided new fire hydrants to allow proper firefighting support, and improve the main trunk supply into the heart of the Village Center.


Village of Newark Valley


Newark Valley, New York


Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering

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