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Progressive administrative and community leadership at Letchworth CSD created an environment in which HUNT and its New Energy Equity and RER Energy Group partners could assist the District in taking advantage of NYS incentives and build a solar array adjacent to their campus. 


With 5,111 solar panels and 21 inverters spread across the nine acre site, the array is anticipated to yield 2,102 MWH. Under the agreement, the district pays no upfront costs for the solar project and will pay a fixed rate for the energy produced by the array.

Specific tasks completed or coordinated by HUNT included: site feasibility review; SEQR; Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP); concrete equipment pad design; construction plans and specifications; NYSED review and approval process; and, construction process management.

The project was supported with approximately $184,518 in incentives from Governor Cuomo’s NY-Sun initiative, which is “advancing the growth of a sustainable, self-sufficient solar industry across the state”. 


Letchworth Central School District


Gainesville, New York


Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


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