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These school projects reorganized the building to provide segregated schools for elementary, middle and high schools. Additions to the building included a four station gym with elevated running track, four elementary classrooms, 21 middle school classrooms in a two-story addition, a high school cafeteria, and secondary level media center.

Renovation work included: extensive HVAC system replacement and updating; roof replacement; swimming pool renovation; ceiling and lighting replacement; and, extensive education related upgrades. The work also includes the redesign of roads, walks, and parking to resolve pedestrian/vehicular conflicts, as well as the re-organization of the school’s athletic fields. 

The athletic field re-organization included rotating the school’s existing running track. HUNT designed a new NCAA compliant, eight-lane, all-weather track. The design of the track also included visitor and home team bleachers with press box and modern sound system. All fields were upgraded to be NCAA compliant.


Recently, HUNT Engineers and its New Energy Equity (NEE) and RER Energy Group partners assisted the District in taking advantage of NYS incentives and build a solar array adjacent to their campus. With 5,111 solar panels and 21 inverters spread across the nine acre site, the array is anticipated to yield 2,102 MWH.


Letchworth Central School District


Gainesville, New York



Site/Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Interior Design

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