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Accounting, AAS

Corning Community College, Corning, NY

Human Resources, Certificate

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


Notary Public

Kim D. Abbott


“HUNT’s employee-first emphasis, as well as unflagging curiosity about technology, surely has shaped my own professional perspective, and it is at the heart of all our HUNT decisions -- whether design or human-resource oriented.  For anyone looking to work with or for us, I’d truly like to underline that our community-focus-culture goes well beyond the current catchphrases. It was why HUNT was founded, it provided a trail map for our early years, and it continues to  drive HUNT’s efforts. Since I joined HUNT’s accounting department I have seen innumerable advances in all these regards.  I was fortunate to be mentored early in my career by both HUNT’s founder Bob Hunt and then-accounting manager Larry Cook, and I think of their and Dan Bower’s vision daily as we work to create an environment that fosters excellence, productivity, and camaraderie”.


Kim Abbott joined HUNT’s Accounting Department in 1986 after receiving her Accounting AAS from Corning Community College, as well as her Notary Public commission.  A trained Human Resource professional (Cornell), Kim rose to Finance Manager in 1995 and subsequently became Director of Finance in 1998,  consolidating a variety of functions under one department. In 2016 HUNT’s incorporation status changed, and Kim was promptly named the firm’s 12th Principal.  Kim and her husband, Ron, live in Corning with Winston, a happy-go-lucky rescue dog. Her eldest daughter, Jessica,  is a marketing director in Charlotte, North Carolina, and she and her husband have two little boys. Her youngest, Sarah, is a chiropractor who lives with her husband in the Chicago area.

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