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As one of western New York’s largest and most progressive districts, the Greece CSD systematically addresses its facilities questions. HUNT has been pleased to play a role in helping the District surmount these challenges. 

A snapshot of those activities since 2008 includes the following: offering MEP and structural assistance at Arcadia High School, during a Fuel Tank Access Analysis, and maximizing the hoist beam support at Greece Odyssey (2008). Subsequent design efforts have been aimed at Long Ridge Elementary School (structural investigation, 2009) and Olympia High’s tech shop dust filter. These are highlights in a list of over 25 projects. 

In 2015-2016, HUNT developed a solution to the deficiencies discovered in the Greece Athena Performing Arts Center and capital improvement projects from 2001-2004. This 2016 project corrected inadequate sight lines in the auditorium by re-distributing the seating in the lower house of the auditorium that were identified in a 2008 study. Elsewhere, HUNT brought several non-compliant ramps up to code to accommodate wheelchair users, providing improved stormwater drainage at several canopies throughout the district and replaced two canopies that are no longer functionally effective as a building entry.

In 2017-2018 HUNT’s efforts at the District accelerated, and our architects and engineers teamed with the Greece facilities team on a variety of projects. Some of those renovation projects included:  improvements for thirteen elementary schools (highlighted by entrance renovations, lighting upgrades, and HVAC improvements). HUNT also worked on the abatement of 60,000 square feet of asbestos free spray-on fireproofing insulation, and corresponding ceiling and lighting replacement.

Pre-Referendum Planning
In 2017, the District needed pre-referendum planning done to promote a District Capital Improvements funding vote. The Capital Improvement Projects were broken down into three planning projects: recommendations for Overall District Renovations, an Athletic Improvements Study, and planning for a new Transportation & Support Services Building.  HUNT was hired to complete both the Athletic Facilities Master Plan and the Transportation & Support Services Building Plan. 

These planning projects were then used to inform and promote a successful $107 million referendum in 2017. The approved Capital Improvement Project included improvements to the athletic fields, a new support services center,and District-Wide Renovations.

Athletic Facilities Master Plan 
The Athletics Resources Study that HUNT executed for the District is crucial for accurate future planning. This comprehensive inspection and recommendations process assisted the District in prioritizing improvements for all outdoor fields, tracks, stadiums and related resources, as well as six secondary gymnasiums, three swimming pools, and related physical education and athletic facilities. 
This process involved an Inventory and Conditions Assessment and a Condition Report. This was followed by collaboration with District Planning Staff to lead a meeting with the District Stakeholders Group regarding the outdoor facility requirements to meet the current and 10-year projected programs. All of this preliminary work and planning led to the creation of schematic plan alternatives for fields, and recommendations for alterations and improvements to athletic facilities. 

Transportation & Support Services Building Plan
The plan that HUNT developed for the Greece Central School District for a new Support Services Building detailed increased space for staff, storage, and training to handle the more than 400 Transportation and Support Service employees. The design also improved accessibility. A better design for the parking lot will include wider spaces and better maneuverability for bus parking. Customer service for the public will improve with easy-to-access office space. 


Greece Central School District


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