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Erwin’s Gang Mills hamlet was experiencing significant growth, prompted in part by Corning Incorporated’s Sullivan Park Research Facility expansion. This development- together with related residential, commercial, and industrial spin-off growth - dramatically increased loadings to the municipal wastewater collection and treatment system. Consequently, the Town commissioned HUNT to complete a study of its existing treatment plant to accommodate projected loadings.

Having concluded that an expansion was necessary to 1.1 MGD, and given a limited site area and the potential for more stringent effluent limits (including a possible nutrient removal requirement), the Town and HUNT selected an innovative sequencing, batch-reactor-activated, sludge process; thus, replacing the existing contact-stabilization process.  HUNT designed the new headworks facility, allowing for future expansion with state-of-the-art grit removal and flow-equalization, raw-water pump drivers. The system also included an influent wastewater pump station, a belt filter press, standby generator for all campus operations, and utilized all existing tankage for final clarification and sludge harvesting.

Multiple funding partners included Corning Incorporated, Erwin Industrial Development Agency, NYSEFC, and Appalachian Regional Commision. 


Town of Erwin


Erwin New York


Site/Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering

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