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HUNT was selected to assist Elmira College with a phased repurposing of its historic Gannett-Tripp Library.

The first phase was the design of the new Office of Career Services, which opened for student use at the start of the 2013-14 academic year.

The second phase was the installation of a Finance Center on the library’s first floor, complete with a working stock ticker.  This center, which also doubles as instructional space, was opened in time for the start of the 2014-15 academic year.

The Finance Trading Room was designed to retain some of the original architecture and feel of the building but also to modernize and find a good balance to accommodate the high-end technology. This was done by using wood on the front wall to offset the technology, and then using modern furniture, carpet and lighting. The lighting is all LED lighting to provide the best light at a low operating cost. The mechanical system was also upgraded to handle the additional heat load from the additional computers in the space.



Elmira College


Elmira, New York



Mechanical Engineering

Interior Design

Information Technology

Construction Administration

As part of another project with the College, HUNT was hired to analyze and identify the existing network cable infrastructure that was being affected by the College’s new dormitory construction near the Gannett-Tripp Library. 

HUNT designed a new cable conduit infrastructure that was in parallel with the existing college system and met with vendors to ensure that new design would meet all existing network requirements.

An estimated budget for the new infrastructure was provided, and HUNT recommended and assisted the college with hiring qualified contractors to implement each project phase. HUNT provided on-site project management, conducted project meetings with contractors and college staff, and inspected all workmanship.

Timing was a major concern, as the College wanted the project completed before school began in the fall. Beginning in mid-June, but the project was done in a total of 44 days.

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