HUNT was retained to design a first-of-its-kind system for pumping, transporting, and storing fluids at rates up to one million gallons per loading cycle. This fully automated transloading system will fill multiple railroad tanker cars simultaneously at rates set to match the water system’s capacity. At the other end of the system, two 3-million-gallon tanks stand ready for storage. Fill rates are determined by the municipality’s water system capacity, which can be set to maintain its ability to provide water to the community.


This fluid transfer system loads fresh, potable water from municipal systems to railroad tanker cars, and stores it in holding tanks. Unlike conventional loading systems, this pumps water at high volume into the lower valves in the railroad tanker cars. Matching the flow rates with the system’s recharge capacity greatly reduces the time it takes to fill the tankers.

Transferring the fluids then directly to the 3-million-gallon storage tanks, which include freeze-prevention agitators, means the fluids are constantly contained throughout the process. The transfer and storage capacities greatly reduce the number of truck trips required. There is no evaporation, and the chances of any leakage are greatly reduced in this highly-contained system.


Delmar Township


Delmar, Pennsylvania


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