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Hunt was hired to complete a utility infrastructure study at Cornell University’s Geneva Agritech Campus. HUNT also provided hydraulic modeling related to the water distribution system serving the Campus and oversaw and coordinated televising of the storm and sanitary systems.

The New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY was opened in 1882 to conduct agricultural research and to develop experimental plots to further the horticultural sciences. The Station became a part of Cornell University in 1923 and since then has been the center for research in New York on the production, protection, and utilization of fruit and vegetable crops.

The infrastructure study project included mapping and condition assessments for the various utility systems present, including water, storm, sanitary, steam, and condensate systems while also mapping the technology, electrical, and gas systems from surface features and available record mapping.

An evaluation of the general condition of each system was performed, potential improvements summarized, and deficiencies noted, along with probable costs for addressing those deficiencies. The final report was completed in 2023 with careful consideration and recommendations of replacements to items in poor conditions and rehabilitation recommendations of those items noted in ‘fair’ or ‘good’ condition. Additional conclusions and recommendations were proposed regarding any future campus projects when redesigning existing storm structures and systems.


Cornell University


Geneva, NY


Cost Estimating

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Project Management

Site/Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering


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