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Nearly 60% of all on-site septic systems exhibited some level of failure in the hamlets of Coopers Plains & Long Acres within the Town of Erwin leading to degradation of nearby surface water bodies.  As a result of relatively dense development, inadequate space available for replacement systems, and high groundwater levels, the Town desired to pursue the investigation of a sewage collection system.  HUNT assisted the Town of Erwin in soliciting and securing nearly $5,000,000 in Water Quality Improvement Grant money and 0% low interest loans from New York Environmental Facilities Corporation.


After securing funding for a viable wastewater collection system, HUNT completed the design of a conventional gravity collection system servicing nearly 280 residential dwelling units and businesses.  The collection system consisted of more than nine miles of gravity sanitary sewer within roadway rights-of-way along with back-lot installations to accommodate individual connections based upon former septic system locations.  The collection system consisted of four primary lift stations discharging to the existing wastewater collection system and wastewater treatment plant.  HUNT evaluated the capacity of the existing sequencing batch Reactor to verify sufficient capacity to accept up to additional 146,000 gallons per day of additional wastewater.  The construction cost of the sewage collection system was approximately $8,300,000.  


Town of Erwin


Erwin, New York


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