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The addition of a solar array to the Village of Clifton Spring’s Department of Public Works site further cemented the Village’s claim to having created a premier, regional Alternative Energy Complex. With a yield of approximately 355 kWdc from the combined North and South Arrays, the creation of the solar fields in 2016 added to the Village’s preexisting wastewater treatment plan, wood chip storage capacity, and co-composting facility. 

Specific tasks completed or coordinated by HUNT included:  site feasibility review; SEQR; Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plant (SWPP); environmental permitting; concrete equipment pad design; construction plans and specifications; NYSED review and approval process; and construction management.

HUNT’s relationshp with the Village and surrounding communities helped pave the way for a smooth administrative process, and the team’s Site/Civil engineers provided equally valuable, preliminary design services for the other solar partners, including: NEE, RER, and AEP.


Village of Clifton Springs


Clifton Springs, New York


Civil Engineering


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