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Building on existing relationships with the City of Canandaigua community, HUNT played a pivotal role in the coordination and engineering at the City’s County Road 46 and County Road 10 solar farm sites, located in the Town of Canandaigua.

The County Road 46 site was the location of a landfill that had been abandoned and had no formal documentation of closure. HUNT working closely with NYSDEC officials, verified the landfill was a suitable site for a new purpose. After field tests were conducted, it was decided that the site would be a perfect reuse of land as a solar site and that building the array with the use of ballasted racking systems would avoid the need to penetrate the landfill cap or disturbed the subsurface.

The County Road 10 site was cited on private land made possible by a lease agreement with the solar developer New Energy Equity (NEE). This was necessary as available lands at the landfill site were not adequate to house the entire array.

Specifically, HUNT’s Site/Civil team led survey, site location and analysis, and related design efforts. In addition, HUNT’s familiarity with local ordinances and administrative processes helped speed the process and avoid administrative stumbles in this high-profile project.

The two arrays include over 13,000 solar modules, approximately 90 solar inverters, and combined will produce 5.5M kilowatt-hours annually. Enough energy to power 578 homes a year. The County Rd. 46 site is the larger of the two arrays.

With an estimated 25-year savings of approximately $3.5M to be realized, City of Canandaigua officials worked patiently with the more than six parties brought together to make the project work, including: NEE, RER Energy Group, HUNT, RG&E, NYSERDA, and AEP Onsite Partners.


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