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The Town of Catlin retained HUNT to do a tank and well replacement and redevelopment design to provide back up to their 60-year-old water well/pump station. At the end of its useful life, the dated, welded- steel tank was also too small for fire demands, not secured, and lacked SCADA necessary for daily operations. As part of the evaluation the following improvements were recommended: security fencing; stand-by generators; solar-powered, energized-tank-level SCADA equipment; and additional site improvements. Meanwhile, an exhaustive site search in the valley did not reveal an adequate, stand-alone supply to meet the on-demand needs of the systems. Consequently, a second well was developed within 100 feet of the original well, to serve as an adequate, alternate supply. The existing well house was expanded and rehabilitated to handle the treatment of both wells.  


HUNT prepared a Design Engineering Report which was reviewed by the Community Development Block Grant committee for conformance with the Town’s secured grant.

Details: The new well/pump house consisted of twin, 150 GPM well pumps capable of producing 200,000 gal per day to their existing tank; replaced the iron manganese sequestering system; introduced new chlorination; raised the minimal elevation of the equipment two feet above the high record water mark; provided stand-by generation; SCADA Controls; and a chain-link security fence. Other tanks were researched, but because of a height-versus-narrow width design challenge, a 120,000-gallon, steel-bolted, glass-lined tank was found to be most suitable for both the project budget and site.


Town of Catlin


Catlin, New York


Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering

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