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HUNT prepared a preliminary feasibility study to identify and evaluate a municipal wastewater system for the Village of Burdett.  The focus of this study was to develop preliminary project costs estimates as well as projected estimates of user costs (rates). The information provided in this study is also intended to support an application for project funding.

The existing residences and businesses have septic systems, which creates a potential for contamination. Due to the high ground water, shallow bedrock and the soil conditions, the septic systems are prone to failure and inefficient operation. In addition, the lack of a central sewer system is a determent to commercial and higher density residential development.

As a part of the study, HUNT evaluated two scenarios.  One was providing wastewater collection and treatment for the central business area and the other was providing service to the entire Village. The study evaluated three different collections systems and evaluated four different types of wastewater treatment facilities. Preliminary cost estimate and 15 year asset management evaluation were prepared for all alternatives.




Burdett, New York


Civil Engineering


Environmental Engineering

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