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The Avon Central School District has constructed a solar array that provides the equivalent of 100% of the annual electric usage of the district’s facilities. 10,428, 145-watt photovoltaic panels output over 1.9 million kWh of electricity annually. The array was constructed on property adjacent to the high school parking lot on land acquired by the district in 2005.

The project was funded through a combination of private investment, federal tax credits, and a NYSERDA grant. The school district was not responsible for any up-front construction or long-term operations and maintenance costs. The district continues to purchase electricity from the local utility at competitive rates, and the electricity produced by the array is transferred to the utility and the value returned through a financial remote metering credit to the district’s account. 

The progressive administration led by then Superintendent Bruce Amey and an engaged Board of Education, led by President Rodney George, enabled the Avon district to win the NYSERDA grant which was key to initiating the project. 
HUNT’s participation in the PPA solar arena took formal shape in 2013 with a series of presentations to economic development, school, and municipal partners and officials.


Avon Central School District


Avon, New York


Civil Engineering

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